Spiritual Souls who feel a calling in life…


Discover My Unique Approach to Uncovering Your Strengths that Reveals Your Natural Talents and Attracts Your True Calling and Purpose in Life


…and the step-by-step way to find purpose and follow your calling using the ways you most naturally think, feel and behave


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Born an Angel Communicator

I have helped thousands of spiritual souls to transform the way they look at themselves and their lives. The most effective way I have found to find success in every area of life is to reveal and activate your unique strengths with your Guardian Angel.

I'm Ros!

I help spiritual souls uncover their unique strengths and develop their talents so they can focus on their true calling in life with their Guardian Angel.

Stop Me if This Sounds Familiar

• All too often incredible spiritual souls just like you, with incredible talents, strengths, ideas and dreams are resisting their callings instead of embracing them.


Too many spiritual souls have an acute awareness of their shortcomings that distracts them from developing their strengths.


• Too many spiritual souls devote more time to fixing their ‘weaknesses’  than uncovering their strengths and revealing their talents.


Spiritual souls who say they feel broken in some way and need to fix their weaknesses.


• Spiritual souls who feel they’re not enough without ever considering what their strengths might be.


Incredible spiritual souls who are shelving their passions, resisting their dreams and suppressing where their heart feels drawn.

Does this sound about right to you?

If it unfortunately does, then I would love to share some good news with you.


Despite the fact that you might feel stuck in a rut and wonder about your life   ‘Is this it?” life, there is a way out.

Here’s what it looks like


Instead of trying to fix what you consider weaknesses, you find you have unique strengths.


Instead of constantly finding fault in yourself, you discover proof of what you’re really good at.


And instead of seeing yourself the way you always have done, you change the way you look at yourself - forever


If that sounds good then let me share something with you.

What are Your Hidden Strengths?

What if I showed you a way to replace every thought about not being enough and end every feeling of being lacking in some way with complete understanding of your unique strengths…


And then, I showed you how to instantly channel your strengths into everything you do in life, would you at least give that method a try? 


Here’s what that method will look like:


• Discover your unique and hidden strengths and instantly apply them to enhance all areas of your life.


• Uncover your natural talents so you can develop your interests and always do what you love to do


• Reveal your true calling and find complete fulfilment through the wonders of your purpose


Clearly Define your dreams, ideas, projects and direct the pull of your heart into what really matter to you.


Simply Manifest your purposeful and meaningful goals and starting living your life purpose


Let’s be clear though…

This Isn’t  About Trying to Yourself Make into Someone Else, Doing Things Just Because, or Sacrificing the Good Parts of Life Just for More “Self Belief”...


Instead, this is about implementing a simple but effective method to your life so that you can benefit from a more contented, satisfying and personally successful life - simply by leveraging something you were born with:


Your unique strengths.


To help you learn this method apply it to your life today, I created a program called Peaceful Purpose with your Guardian Angel.


Peaceful Purpose with Your Guardian Angel

Discover Your Unique Strengths and Uncover your True Calling so you can Attract Your Life Purpose with Your Guardian Angel 

Peaceful Purpose with Your Guardian Angel is a 1-2-1 program designed for incredible spiritual souls just like you who want to discover their unique strengths so they can finally find and focus on their calling in life. 

From Nicola:


I’m excited! I’m enjoying it. It’s finding yourself and coming home to yourself again.


It’s another mirror for you to look into…It’s more than being shown your strengths - it’s understanding what your strengths actually mean.


People say you should play to your strengths but I am sure 99% of the population ask ‘ What are they? When people do play to their strengths they find they are winning but most of us don’t even know what that means.



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Peaceful Purpose with Your Guardian Angel

is a 1-2-1 program designed for incredible spiritual souls just like you who want to discover their unique strengths so they can finally find and focus on their calling in life


Here's how we'll make it happen together:

Step 1

Discover Your Unique Strengths


We'll get started by discovering your unique strengths and natural talents through connecting with your Guardian Angel.

This is a uniquely empowering process that reveals your unique strengths in the most personally significant areas of your life, your…


Inner Strengths


Relationship Strengths


Creativity & Expression Strengths


Career & Life’s Work Strengths


• Personal Success & Freedom Strengths


Once you know your strengths you'll be ready to move on to the next step...

Step 2

Choose Your Goal and New Reality

Next you’ll be fully supported to choose your goal and define exactly what you want to accomplish.


Your goal is always in an area of personal significance that will focus on what really matters to you.


We’ll optimise each of your unique strengths and channel them into your goal one by one.

After 12+ years and thousands of sessions working 1-2-1 with clients

I can put my hand on my heart and honestly say that this is the most effective and transformational way I know how to discover your unique strengths and talents.


To find your true calling and discover true purpose.


To simply and successfully achieve your life goals.

Step 3

Your Goal Is Successfully Accomplished

It’s time to celebrate! 


You have accomplished your goal and enjoying all the rewards of your success.


Because you know success, we’ll show you how to accomplish future goals too!

How We Accomplish Your Goal

FOCUSED Personal 1-2-1 Sessions

with Ros and your Guardian Angel

• Ask Ros Anytime Access


• Weekly Detailed Questions & Answers

Unique & Exclusive Tools

• Daily Purpose Illumination Cards


• Peaceful Purpose Journal 


• Personal Guardian Angel Connection Visualisations

From Clare:

I really like the accountability.  And I love that you go through what my Guardian Angel is saying.


Sometimes I feel like he knows me better than I know myself.


Some Questions You Might Still Be Asking...

Get Everything You Need to Find Your True Calling in Life...


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Ros Place is a Guardian Angel Communicator, wife and mum to two boys, whose Angel work has taken her all over the world to connect hundreds of people with their Guardian Angels.


Having witnessed the transformational effect of Guardian Angels, Ros is dedicated to developing a clear process to reveal your life purpose simply by revealing your strengths, what you’re good at and what you love.


Ros enjoys walking in the woods, expressos, Kent mangos and planning her family farm with goats and a cherry orchard.