Spiritual Coaching Session


A 1:1 session for personal spiritual coaching to get answers, clear confusion and remove the uncertainty that stalls spiritual development.


Develop Spiritually, the Personal Way

with Ros Place

So, you want to develop spiritually? That’s wonderful. Spiritual development is the best way I know to reach the highest levels of spiritual and personal growth.

But where do you start? 

There’s a lot to get clear about on your spiritual path and your head is probably full of questions like:

 • How do I know I am doing this correctly?

 • Is this what my spiritual growth is supposed to be?

 • How do I create a safe connection I can trust?

 • What can I do when I have questions and need guidance?

With this session, you will get personal coaching that gives you answers to your spiritual development questions. You’ll get the advice and support you need to ensure safe spiritual growth that moves you forwards smoothly and securely along your personal spiritual path. 

Your true spiritual path awaits you.


Here’s What You'll Receive with Spiritual Coaching  Session with Ros

1:1 Session with Ros Place

Live 30 min Zoom 1:1 Session with Ros

Ros Place, Guardian Angel Channel who has helped thousands of people just like you to benefit from safe and secure spiritual growth,  will provide personal coaching that gives you answers to your spiritual development questions. You’ll get the advice, guidance, and support you need to move you forwards along your personal spiritual path.

Remove Confusion and Get Clear Answers

Don’t let confusion delay your spiritual growth. In our 1:1 session, you’ll get answers to your questions and clear the confusion that stalls spiritual development. You have a chance to clear the issues and remove the uncertainty that prevents your progress so you can enjoy a safe and clear path to your highest level of spiritual growth.

Recording with Summary and Next-Step Spiritual Path Guide

You’ll get a recording of our call, which gives you the opportunity to relisten as many times as you would like to. You’ll also get a summary of the issues we cleared and a practical next step spiritual path guide for your safe spiritual journey.

Meet Ros

Hi there, I’m Ros Place and I was born knowing and seeing Angels. I’ve been communicating with my guardian angel, Tressarn for almost 50 years now and worked professionally as a Guardian Angel communicator for almost 20. So if you’re looking for someone who has really lived with and honed their craft - that’s me.

For almost 20 years, I’ve coached thousands of people to develop spiritually and connect with their guardian angel.

But something that I believe is even more important, is that I’ve coached thousands of people just like you to learn how bring spiritual development into daily life.  I practise and teach spiritual development that is practical and a cocreative with your guardian angel. 

Too often, spiritual development is approached like it’s a magical box only to be opened up at certain times. When in fact, spiritual development is a powerful and practical tool that can help you to accomplish things of personal and spiritual significance.

I know why some people thrive in their spiritual and personal lives - and why others struggle and suffer. You see, spiritual development is personal and will help you to live your true purpose in life. 

That’s my specialty, I want to make sure that wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you’ll have the best chance to reach your highest levels of spiritual and personal growth with all the coaching, guidance, and support you need.

There are many challenges in developing spiritually as a human in today’s world, but my Spiritual Coaching 1:1 sessions ensure your safe and clear spiritual path so you can reach your highest level of spiritual growth.

Why Spiritual Coaching Session?

Spiritual development can be lonely. I grew up in a family without anyone I could talk to about my spiritual growth.  I had to navigate my spiritual path without the support of my loved ones.  

And it was hard to develop spiritually alone! Part of it was learning how to develop spiritually in today’s world ( I didn’t have anyone who I could turn to for support

or advice) but mostly, I was stuck. I felt confused, lost, and overwhelmed with unanswered questions that kept me from the most important step, getting started.

That’s why I offer this session. This is what I wish I had when I first started.

I want you to have a place to go when you want help or feel stuck. I want to be there to answer your questions and get you on a safe and clear spiritual path. Spiritual Coaching 1:1 sessions have been created so you can get help and support and have your questions answered. I’m here to help you so you are free to move forwards safely along your personal spiritual path.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Spiritual Coaching Sessions

Is this OK for beginners?

Spiritual Coaching  1:1 sessions are suitable for complete beginners to spiritual development. Honestly, the earlier you can clear the uncertainty and overwhelm caused by unanswered questions that are preventing your spiritual growth, the smoother your spiritual path ahead.

Is this OK if I am not sure if I have questions about my spiritual path?

If you are feeling confused, you have questions that can be answered. If you feel overwhelmed, you cannot move forward. If you are going in circles with your thinking spiritually and personally, you have issues that can be effectively and permanently cleared with a spiritual coaching session.

Is this OK if I’ve had spiritual guidance before?

The spiritual counselling in this session is focused on the issues affecting your spiritual growth today. It is a chance to ask about anything that is on your mind and clarity confusion about what you may have read or heard. You can ask me about particular experiences you have had or are having. You can get advice about how you can best move forwards along your spiritual path the personal way.

Is this a reading?

This is an interactive conversation session - not a monologue. It is a two way conversation where you can ask questions and talk about anything spiritual growth focused that is on your mind. We will communicate with each other and it will feel just like we have know each other our whole lives. It is designed to give you help, answers and advice that supports your spiritual growth.

Is this suitable for all levels/Are there any entry requirements?

Spiritual Coaching 1:1 sessions are suitable for all levels of spiritual development. From complete beginners to those having many years of spiritual experience, all are welcome. There are no entry requirements or prerequisites. 

It’s a safe and non-judgmental space for everyone.

Will this be a live call?

Yes. When you book your session you choose your preferred date and time. Your 1:1 session is a live 30-minute Zoom call with Ros.

Will I have to take notes about my session?

You do not need to take notes or remember what we discussed in your 1:1 session. After our session, you will receive a recording of our call and a summary of your session with a practical next step for your future spiritual growth.

Can it be recorded if I can’t make a call in person?

The way for you to get the most from this interactive session is for you to be there.  In the event that you cannot attend in person, you must inform me at the time of purchase. In this case, you can ask 3 questions and I will record your session remotely and send you a 15 minute recording.

How will I feel after my session?

You will feel lighter and lifted. Clients report feeling reenergised, rejuvenated, full of well-being, clear, calm and at peace. Your session brings spiritual, physical, and emotional benefits and improves your vibration, and increases well-being.


Spiritual Coaching Session

with Ros Place


A 1:1 session for personal spiritual coaching to get answers, clear confusion and remove the uncertainty that stalls spiritual development.


 • Live 30 minute Zoom 1:1 with Ros

 • Clear Your Issues and Remove the Uncertainty

 • Recording with Summary

 • Next-Step Spiritual Growth Guide


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