New Book for Women from the First Ripples of Spiritual Awareness Reveals...

How to Channel Your Guardian Angel 


and Find, Follow and Live Your True Purpose in Life…


...Even if You’ve Never Channelled Before 

How to Channel Your Guardian Angel 


and Find, Follow and Live Your True Purpose in Life…


...Even if You’ve Never Channelled Before 

Use the Unique Celestial Formula to Find and Follow Your Life Purpose Path, Discover Your Life Purpose Strengths, and Live Your True Life Purpose

The Book on This Page Will Show How

Ros Place

Born a Guardian Angel Channel

Dear Friend,


Want to finally live the life you came to live?


Here’s the secret:

Ros Place

Born a Guardian Angel Channel

Dear Friend,

Want to finally live the life you came to live?

Here’s the secret:

No More Struggling to Find Meaning, Searching for Answers, Confusion About Your Direction… No More Doubt About Your True Purpose in Life

Just Clear Answers and Constant Life Purpose Guidance from Your Guardian Angel

Me: 3 years ago:

Before the Channel of Clarity method with Tressarn, my guardian angel I stood before a shipping container in a field in East Sussex, filled to the rafters with our worldly possessions. We had lost our family home and the life we had worked so hard to create. It was crushing and painful.

Despite knowing my purpose in life I had turned my back on it and the result was disastrous.

There is a saying that ‘ Knowledge is power.” I disagree. Knowledge, in itself, is not power. Knowledge applied is power. Knowing my life-purpose path was only the first step. Just knowing your life purpose path is not enough, you must act to live your true purpose in life.

Just three short and very happy years on, despite living through homelessness, two business collapses, and unprecedented global disruption, as a family we are fulfilled and content. I am living my life-purpose path, and so are my husband and both our boys living theirs, together with our guardian angels.

How did I do it?

I started living my true life purpose together with Tressarn, my guardian angel, and everything changed. 

I am sharing this with you so you can see that, it is never too late to find, follow and live your true purpose in life together with your guardian angel. 

“It’s Like Channelling, Without Having to Channel.”

- Everyone who applies this unique method to receive life-purpose guidance from their guardian angel.

Obviously, I can’t promise that you’ll read the book I am about to give you and repeat my results. It took some work and some mistakes until everything slotted into place.

But it does work. And not just for me!

Let me show you what using the method you’ll discover inside the Channel of Clarity book…

How Would Your Life Change If Every Day Looked Like It Does for Many of My Clients?  

Maria came to us with a desire to make a positive difference in her own life and in the lives of others too.

Maria had a history of starting but not finishing things. She was a self confessed ‘shiny object” addict. Maria had a trail of unfinished creative projects and incomplete ideas through her life that eroded her self confidence and caused her to doubt her ability to make lasting changes in her life.

Within the first week of exploring her life purpose path with Channel of Clarity, she had a major breakthrough by discovering that she was being stopped in her tracks by ‘the emotional cycle of change’. She discovered why she didn’t finish things in the past.

Within the first month, Maria had created almost half of her project and her creative energy was pouring into every area of her life. She even found energy and inspiration to keep a journal full of ideas for future projects.

Within 3 months, despite work and family commitments, her first creative project was in final production and even receiving commercial interest.

What If You Had Your Guardian Angel Guide You Day after Day…

Clare came to me having just made huge changes in her personal and work life. Clare had just quit her highly successful corporate career due to physical and emotional burnout. Clare’s burnout had been a gradual process of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion after many years of trying to be ‘all things to all people’. Excessive and prolonged stress had left her feeling overwhelmed and emotionally, mentally and physically drained. Perhaps most upsetting to Clare was that the effects of burnout had spilled into every area of her life - including her closest relationships.

Within the first week of implementing the Channel of Clarity method she found harmony and connection within herself, her health was improving daily, and she was able to be present to her family and her life for the first time ever.

And Month after Month

After 3 months of connecting with her guardian angel Clare went from feeling totally lost in her new life, to finding true harmony and connection within herself. Clare’s relationship with her loved ones was positive and enriching. And with the constant guidance from her guardian angel, Clare started living her true purpose in life. Clare stepped into her dream to run her own business, thriving as a woman and being there for her family with the harmony that only true life purpose can bring.

DISCLAIMER: I have to tell you… results like this are not typical. I’ve been channeling my client’s guardian angels for 18 years. My clients get life-changing results because we work together. Most people don’t put into action what they learn, so they don’t get any results at all. This requires a willingness to work hard and be persistent.

But for those willing to put in what’s required, I can show you how to transform your life for the better using a simple method that works.

Channel Your Guardian Angel and Start Living Your True Life Purpose Using My Channel of Clarity Method

The book I have for sale on this page is called The Channel of Clarity Method because that’s exactly what it is:

A method for clearly channelling your guardian angel so you can find, follow and live your true life purpose.

You can buy it if you would like.

It’s only $4.99

If you like it, maybe you’ll become a client of mine and I can help you channel your guardian angel and live your true purpose in life just like I do with Tressarn, my guardian angel.

Or not.

Either way, it’s a good book that outlines everything you need to find, follow and live your true purpose in life.


Here’s Some of What You’ll Discover Inside This Brand New Book:

Chapter 1 - Who This Book is For (and Message) is For
  • Living your life purpose vs not living your life purpose - and which is easier?
  • The true cost of not living your true life purpose
  • What can you expect when you live your true life purpose
Chapter 2 - Day in the Life
  • What most people think they want - and the reason they really don’t
  • Discover the most simple yet profound definition of living your true purpose
  • Find out the unique advantage you have - that no one else possesses
Chapter 3 - The Three Life Purpose Problems
  • The one thing that distracts you from your purpose - and eats your dreams
  • The reason so many women prevent their own success - and a solution to it
  • How to find your true purpose - even if you are constantly distracted by other’s
Chapter 4 - Your Guardian Angel Is the Key
  • The 3 most important life purpose questions - and answers
  • Why you are aware of your shortcomings before your strengths
  • How your guardian angel fits seamlessly into your life
Chapter 5 - The #1 Problem with Guardian Angel Connection 
  • Why you may have tried to connect with your guardian angel before and failed
  • How to know you have a true connection with your guardian angel
  • ​3 questions for validation of your guardian angel connection
Chapter 6 - The Celestial Formula
  • The 3 vital components of living your true purpose with your guardian angel
  • How to communicate with your guardian angel without guesswork
  • How to ensure living your life purpose is imminent and guaranteed
Chapter 7 - Creating Your Channel of Clarity Step-by-Step
  • The instant result of the “Heart Centre State” with your guardian angel
  • Why you call in your guardian angel’s light and the surprising added benefits
  • How to create a direct line of communication between you and your guardian angel
Chapter 8 - How to Have Meaningful & Productive Conversations with your Guardian Angel
  • The power of your expectations - and how they are key to communication
  • How to ask your guardian angel the best life purpose questions
  • How often to ask questions - and why my answer is not everyone’s cup of tea
Chapter 9 - The First Step for Connecting with Your Guardian Angel
  • How to truly connect with your guardian angel
  • How I prefer to connect with guardian angels
  • ​What not to do when you want to connect with your guardian angel
Chapter 10 - Three Core Elements all Guardian Angels Have in Common
  • Why all guardian angels have names - and why your guardian angel’s is unique
  • The importance of your guardian angel’s number - and what it means
  • The only way you will find your true purpose in life
Chapter 11 - How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel
  • How to start connecting with your guardian angel - and how to get the best results
  • Tressarn’s explanation of guardian angel connection
  • ​Step-by-Step process to develop your connection
Chapter 12 - How to Discover Your Unique Life Purpose Strengths
  • Why you have unique life purpose strengths
  • How to discover your unique life purpose strengths
  • Discover your top 3 unique life purpose strengths
Chapter 13 - Building Your Relationship with Your Guardian Angel
  • Meet Tressarn, my guardian angel
  • Real-life guardian angel images
  • Questions and channelled answers from guardian angels

The book also includes self-assessments, discovery exercises and more to help you get started with The Channel of Clarity Method quickly.


It Works Even If You’ve Never Before Connected with Your Guardian Angel

You might be thinking that you need to know all about your guardian angel in order to channel them to live your true life purpose. But actually, in my book I show you exactly how to connect with your guardian angel from the ground up - that’s why I am so excited to share this book with you today!

Most of my clients begin and they don’t know who their guardian angel is, and often didn’t even know they had one.

I have developed a method for connecting with your guardian angel from the ground up.

I reveal the full method in The Channel of Clarity book. So even if you don’t yet know who your guardian angel is, you can learn how to connect with them from the ground up.


Get the Book Right Now and Receive These 2 Bonuses FREE!

Bonus #1

Guardian Angel Walkthrough - Over-the-shoulder with Tressarn, Ros’s Guardian Angel 

Revealing over-the-shoulder training where Ros and Tressarn walk you through their unique life-purpose strengths. A candid example of a life purpose path with teaching that provides deeper insight into how to find, follow and live your own true life purpose.

Bonus #2

Your Life Purpose Strength Areas - Deep Dive

One of the most-loved aspects of coaching students is Ros’s deeper dive into each of the Life Purpose Strength Areas. In this video training, you’ll explore what those life-purpose areas are and how to connect them with your unique life-purpose strengths.


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Here’s My Guarantee:

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If for some reason you don’t find them useful I’ll refund you the full $4.99

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See you on the inside.

Ros & Tressarn x

P.S here’s a recap of this page for you:

  1. Just 3 years ago, despite knowing my purpose in life I had turned my back on it and the result was disastrous. The moment I chose to live my true life purpose with the Channel of Clarity method together with Tressarn my guardian angel …everything changed. 
  2. Tressarn and I have developed the Channel of Clarity method to show women how to channel their guardian angel so they find, follow and live their true purpose in life.
  3. For just $5 you can get the book I wrote teaching you how to channel your guardian angel so you can find, follow and live your true purpose in life with your guardian angel
  4. Also, if you get the book today, I’ll include 2 extra bonuses. One is from me teaching you all about life purpose strengths with Tressarn and the other teaches you about the areas of your life where your life purpose strengths can exist.
  5. ​You can try the book and all the bonuses for a full year and if you don’t like them for some reason, I’ll refund you the $5

About the Author

Ros Place was born channelling angels, and her earliest memory is of watching angels around her in her crib. Ros grew up in Kent, in the South of England, in a family of muggles, and had to navigate life with the angels without guidance or support from the people in her life.

Thanks to Tressarn’s constant guidance and infinite love, Ros was able to channel her way out of homelessness and into her true life purpose and a life of impact, and helping others.

When she’s not channelling guardian angels, Ros enjoys long walks in the woods, spending time with her husband Eddie and their sons, preparing and eating good food, and testing out new coffee shops.

Above all, Ros believes that family comes first and that living your true life purpose should be a catalyst for improving the lives of those you love most. That includes living an abundant life that provides time, peace, freedom, and joy.